King Valley Ploughman’s Platter

A definite crowd please! Try our version; make it fancy or simple.

A ploughmans platter is an English meal served cold accompanied by quality chutneys & relishes.

Basics always include: crusty bread, hard cheese, pickled onions & Chutney- along with a cold Beer! Along with the essentials, choose accompaniments from the list of ingredients below, according to taste & availability.

We note our complimentary range of condiments that marry especially well with the ingredients listed. Quick homemade pickled onions lift this to another level – see recipe.

The real beauty of a Ploughman’s Platter is that every forkful is a different taste fusion, almost like entrée, main & dessert all served together. En-joy!


King Valley Chutney or Relish of choice

Crusty fresh bread

Cheddar cheese or local quality cheddar cheese, sliced. We love our local Milawa Cheese

Free range Eggs, hard boiled, peeled & halved

Gherkins, large Dill pickles

Chargrilled Capsicum, Eggplant

Dried Figs, sliced

Ripe tomatoes, sliced

Ribbon Carrots, (sliced lengthways with potato peeler)

Capers, buy large or small in jars, a lovely salty addition

Sliced gourmet Ham


Chicken Liver Pate

House made Red pickled onion see recipe

Chilli Jam Relish

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