Pasta Sauce

King Valley Fine Foods

King Valley local wine is a key ingredient when we cook up our sumptuous pasta sauces. Seriously delicious, fresh, flavourful & gluten free. The Aromas wafting from our kitchen have drawn many customers into our shop when tomato sauce on the simmer. We wash, chop and sauté fresh vegetables along with a superb blend of herbs and spices in our kitchen.

Stir straight into any favourite pasta for a delicious vegetarian dish. Serve with sautéed meat for Ragu style pasta if desired.

Recipe Ideas

All Gluten free, Dairy Free, No Artificial additives

Capsicum Chilli & Verjuice Pasta Sauce

A favourite for Chilli lovers. Ruby red and rich in colour and flavour, our addition of roasted Capsicum is superb.

Chardonnay & Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Fresh mushrooms, sautéed in a Chardonnay that is made in the King Valley. 

Roast Vegetable & Shiraz Pasta Sauce

Fresh hand cut pumpkin; eggplant & onion are cooked in a local Shiraz from the King Valley.

Shiraz & Kalamata Pasta Sauce

If you love your olives then this is the sauce for you! We blend olives into our rich sauce, as well as adding sliced olives.

Tomato Courgette & Basil Pasta Sauce

A little bit fancy, courgette is French for Zucchini. We hand slice & grate our star ingredient, giving our rich tomato sauce texture and body.