Pesto Range

King Valley Fine Foods

We are all about Pesto’s here in our King Valley kitchen. We make an exceptional variety of blends. Our products are all Gluten, Dairy free* and Artificial Additive free.

We chop, and we mix abundant fresh herbs, raw ingredients and spices to caringly create our fine range of Iconic pesto’s. (also see our Nut Free Pate range).  Stir our superb blends through pasta, spread on pizza bases or see recipes. ps. Read a great story about our Mint & Pumpkinseed pesto

* All Gluten free, Dairy Free, No Artificial additives.

Basil Pesto

Basil pesto is the king of the pesto’s.

Chilli & Sundried Tomato Pesto

Semi sundried tomato is a key ingredient in this zesty blend.

Coriander Pesto

This pesto has a punchy taste, full of the fresh coriander herbs and selected spices.

Dill & Chive Pesto

We blend fresh aromatic dill with the subtle hint of fresh cut chives to make our deliciously fresh Pesto. 

Garlic & Chive Pesto

We wash and blend the freshest chives into our deliciously fresh Pesto.

Jalapeno & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

We love the texture and unique colour that we achieve when we blend pumpkin & pepito seeds with green jalapeno chillies

Kale & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

We wash and blend the freshest Tuscan & Curly kale, pumpkin & Pepita seeds to make our deliciously fresh Pesto

Mint & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

We grow this gorgeous mint and hand pick it. We wash and then blend with crunchy pumpkin & pepita seeds.

Parsley & Pistachio Pesto

Nothing smells nicer than fresh parsley as we wash & chop it ready to add to whole pistachio kernels.

Roasted Capsicum Pesto

The delicious flavour of charred, roasted Capsicum, cashews & spices.

Rocket & Pistachio Pesto

We wash and blend the freshest peppery rocket leaves and add luxurious pistachios to make our deliciously fresh Pesto.

Sage & Macadamia Pesto

A perfect union of earthy sage blended with buttery macadamia nuts make this sensational pesto.

Thai Style Pesto

Our Asian inspired pesto.